jQuery Image Resize Plugin v2.1.3

I’ve finally got around to updating the jQuery Image Resize plugin and pleased to get it working with jQuery 1.9+.

The plugin is also hosted on the new jQuery Plugins website: http://plugins.jquery.com/ae.image.resize/

I’ve also started using UglifyJS at it reduces the minified version to less than 0.5KB!

As usual, if you find any bugs, specially regarding IE, please do report them on github.

Download the latest version: https://github.com/adeelejaz/jquery-image-resize/releases
Report any bugs: https://github.com/adeelejaz/jquery-image-resize/issues

If for any reason you do not use github (seriously?!), then drop me a line on twitter, ideally with a jsfiddle example: @adeelejaz

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  • Alex Mestiashvili

    thanks for the plugin. It works nicely for me.


  • Yngvi Birgir Bergþórsson

    Been going through a couple of resize plugins and this one sounds like it does what I want (others have focused on fitting images to containers or background). Would’ve loved to see a live demo, but am going to give it a try. FYI am looking to make images smaller if they would’ve been forced to start a new line due to resize (to a minimum size).