Realtek’s network controller deep sleep mode issue

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As I’ve noticed a fair bit of visitors interested in my post of Windows 7 and Network Controller Deep Sleep Mode problem, I thought I should write a “clean” version of the post (basically the fix for the problem minus my ramblings :) )

The problem starts when the computer goes into sleep/standby mode, a few components of the PC including the network controller (or adapter) are turned off. The issue occurs when the PC wakes up and power to everything is restored. The network controller doesn’t come on and as per Realtek installation message:

The RealTek Network Adapter/Controller was not found.
If Deep Sleep Mode enabled Please Plug the Cable

The best fix is to reset the motherboard and the best way to reset your motherboard is to remove your RAM chips. Leave them out for some time (in my case 30 seconds) and put them back in. And that is all! The motherboard will be reset and the network controller will come out of deep sleep mode!

Note: If this doesn’t work, leave the RAM out for good 10 minutes. Leaving the RAM out longer has worked for some people (see comments below).

Note 2: For laptops, removing the battery for 5-10 minutes has worked for a few.

Note 3: If nothing works, turn off the system and plug in a external hard drive (or a USB thumb drive) and then turn the computer on. Once on the desktop, Windows will try to install the external hardware. This, in some cases, has worked and wakes up the network controller.

Note 4: Some people have reported that “Loading Default Settings” in the BIOS solves the issue as well. You will need to go into the BIOS at start up by pressing the Delete key (can be F2 or some other, please check the message at the start of the screen). Once in BIOS, you can press F10 to “Load Default Settings” (If you don’t see that, look for a button saying that. It is usually around the “Save & Exit” Button). Once loaded, hit “Save & Exit”. This will restart your computer and some people have reported this fixes the issue.

Once you have it working, to make sure the network controller doesn’t go into sleep mode again, try this:

  1. Open Device Manager by:
    1. Go to Start
    2. Click Control Panel
    3. Choose System and Security
    4. Click Device Manager (under System)
  2. Open Network Controller properties by:
    1. Double-click Network adapters to expand it
    2. Double-click the Realtek Network Controller
  3. Turn off Deep Sleep mode by:
    1. Choose the Power Management tab
    2. Untick “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”

Doing this will make sure the network controller is not put in to sleep mode till someone fixes the issue!

Finally, if something does work you please post the Motherboard/Laptop model and the method that worked to help others!

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  • Moringa

    Can someone here recommend me some firm providing networking solution as I am getting problems with my LAN server after continous intervals

  • Shaikh Zaffar

    Thanks for good advice although i haven’t checked it but i m will sure check it coz i m going through same problem….. my network adapter showed when installed ethernet card in deep sleep mode well lets see
    thank you

  • shhbz

    well whenever after putting in an external lan card my pc wont boot up after that than removing the lan card and ram for sometime solves the issue but still no onboard lan port, so how to get my external lan card work to boot on my pc succesfully using asus p5kpl am/ps is there any bios setup required as cant find the option to enable the onboard device.
    and tried all other solution but still no help
    pls totally screwed from the last 1 week

    • Adeel Ejaz

      Try removing power for 30 minutes as it has worked for some. The PC should boot perfectly fine into Windows after installing a LAN card. No BIOS changes are required.

  • shhbz

    ok ! finally solved it removing the rtc ram moving the jumper cap from 1-2 to 2-3 for few sec and back to 1-2 and the computer accepted the new realtek drivers .
    Finally its working again though the motherboard lan port seem to be damaged.

  • Eric

    Thanks man! I’ve been struggling with this for a while and didn’t know what the issue was. I’ve just disabled deep sleep and we’ll see if it fixes things.

  • Dejan

    Thanks for the tutorial, but I was unable to enable my Realtek ethernet controller. I removed RAM and cmos battery with no success. The motherboard did reset but LAN controller didn’t work. Then I thought, maby it’s because I had deep sleep turned on in BIOS while installing win XP, so I reinstall WinXP, now with deep sleep disabled. The result was the same. Two days of trying made me a bit mad, and I began to think that the ethernet controler is broken or something…. But then I inserted the live Ubuntu disc in the CD-ROM and the ethernet controler magicaly started to work :S

    I’m very confused, please help if somebody know what’s wrong…
    I have: Foxconn barebone nt435.

  • Seth

    1. Disable the Windows Sleep mode then shut down the PC
    2. Unplug the power and remove any RAM (including Graphics Card).
    3. Remove the Motherboard battery and Unplug the Ethernet Cable.
    4. With everything still unplugged, press the power button to fully drain the PSU.
    5. Wait a while. (I actually fell asleep and continued the following day)
    6. Plug in and turn on the PC without RAM or Graphics or Ethernet cable then turn it OFF.
    7. Unplug power and replace the RAM (Graphics too) and the Motherboard battery
    8. Plug in the power (not the Ethernet cable) and turn it on and boot windows.
    9. Shut down the PC, then turn the PC on again and Plug in the Ethernet cable.
    10. Allow windows to boot.
    11. You should have connection.

  • moizilla

    @Seth… I tried step by step and still not have network :(

  • Blu3

    Just got my Toshiba M900 from repair, re-installed Win7 64 to start fresh and now I’m getting the same errors above.

    Can’t remove RAM chips and CMOS since they’re not accessible without dismantling tha laptop. I’ve plugged a cable and the green light stays on.

  • Don

    I started having this issue last Sunday. I ordered a PCI ethernet card, and today the card arrived. I unplugged power to the system, plugged in the PCI card, plugged the power cord back in, and restarted the system. Windows 7 then re-installed the drivers for the Realtek on-board ethernet controller. I have an Asus M4A89GTD Pro USB3 motherboard.

    • bardier

      Your’e the man! It worked. Same by me. The same Motherboard! Just started 2 go crazy! Thanks man! Blessings!

  • Harpal Singh

    love you!!!!!!!!
    I thought my Ethernet adapter is short circuited, cause i was not able to see it anywhere linux, windows but this post saved me….
    you not just saved my huge time which i would have lost by giving it to service center , but also saved me from embarrassment when i would have gone to service center by taking my motherboard alone , and it would have worked just fine ….
    thank you very much!!!!!

  • Babalwa

    where do i disable the sleep mode on my mecer desktop

  • Eduards

    hy my is probleem
    my need network controllier for acer aspire 5000

  • Pidge

    I’m having the same problem and have tried everything above with no results. Running an asus m5a7bl-usb3

  • pnfjr

    unplugging the power cord then pushing the start button a few times to drain any capicitors then putting my dongle in a usb jack the computer has not seen it in then starting the computer took it out of deep sleep amd the computer reinstalled the dongle and the ethernet controller then I reinstalled the realtek drivers after getting them off the web on a working computer but them on a portable drive and installed them then let the troubleshooter finish the job and all is working now

  • Ben

    I tried everything but nothing worked

  • Ben

    I tried everything on this page. But nothing worked. So i looked to my motherboard checked everything and downloader correct drivers. Just choose correct drivers, correct REV, correct windows and bit’s and everything will be OK!

  • Mike

    Thanks for the post. I’ll see if it works.

  • Chris

    thank you very much – this solved it right away.
    The network interface of my ASUS mobo suddenly disappeared after I enabled the hybrid standby in the energy options of win7 …


  • BlueR

    Hi, was there had done all of that above – without putting apart computer – in my point of view it`s kind of silly- U can reboot your card from system and it is clearing card`s ram- that is enaf , the solution for that issue should be diffrent. Some driver update or from realtek or microsoft – i do belive that drivers are “bitting” eachother – so that is causing problems.
    Most important thing is that I`m able to establish internet connection from cmd mode, but win7 is showing in that some time no internet connection buhahaha.
    Rltk 8169D/8111D win 64-bit win7uck gigabyte P7-H55 M – SI – it is obvious that I used information from DOS box to set it on “hard” ( like IP adresess ) in windows / so I was trying to get online help from another comp. from microsoft – they don`t help guys from my region – buhahaha I got stuck with it . So If someone got real solution please – GIVE IT TO ME :) I`d forget to mention that I made much more of that what I found in internet – with same result.

    • Adeel Ejaz

      As “silly” as it may sound, this has worked for me and a lot more people quite a few times. For some people, even leaving the power unplugged for a few hours have worked.

  • Martin

    Thank you…..only just enabled the settings but logically this should work.

  • Bohu

    Same issue for toshiba satellite c660-1ch, controler was not found in windows 7 or linux because was put to sleep, even changed bios ver. and no succes but..
    Solved by removing battery for 15 minutes, and meanwhile i pressed a few times power button to remove any lose currents.

  • Rehman

    I went to ADD NEW DEVICE wizard and tried detecting the adapter, it worked for me after restarting the computer once.

  • Eddie Larocque

    just check the very very right driver version for you current O.S that’s worked for me ,

  • Pompi

    HP Pavilion dv7 notebook:

    Enter Bios and DISENABLE lan sleep mode. Works instantly.

    • Gompi

      I cannot find it in BIOS :(((. I checked but there is no option at all with LAN in my BIOS. It’s only with Card Reader / 1394 controller. But not with LAN ! I have a pavilion dv7 and I get crazy with this issue. When I set up the computer to hibernate, if I close the lid, than everything is ok => when I lift the lid I get internet. When I set up the computer to sleep when closing the lid than …I don’t get internet. I have to restart my laptop….
      On both cases I disabled the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” ‘tick
      Plz, plz come with real solutions…

      realtek pcie gbe family controller driver; win7 – 64bits

      • Adeel Ejaz

        You will need to go to the website of HP and update your Realtek Ethernet driver. If that doesn’t work, you will need to go Realtek’s website and try their driver.

  • Babu

    Thanks a lot Adeelejaz. It works for me thanks again.

  • Micle

    I have Insallted realtek networking window7 driver but it is not like window vista where after instalation a icon was installed on the desktop where we can manage and controll the network and pertuicularly using push putton by which we can connet any network. but realtek networking for widow7 is not same.
    please let me know how I can controll networ and use push butten.

  • Nuno

    Thanks…i was going crazywhith this…fwindows wouldnt reconize ethernet controller…
    I did everything like u post plus i removed the CMOS battery and works just nice
    Many thanks

  • Nuno

    I did this on my shuttle sh55je and works nice

  • Instinct84

    I have the Realtek 8111E onboard controller on my MB (Asus M5A97). I just rebuilt my machine with W7 64 bit. I believe I am suffering from this same problem, however I have never gotten the LAN card to connect to the internet. I have tried everything. Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t.

    What is really strange is that I have a PCI wireless card connected as well, it takes a while – but WILL connect to the internet. I have a 12mb DSL ISP. All other computers/devices in my house get about 10mb/sec connection, my wireless card only gets about 0.5-1 mb/sec. Do you guys think this is a related issue? I don’t even know where to start.

    Appreciate the info.

    • Adeel Ejaz

      I don’t think so its the same issue you are having. We couldn’t see the network controller in Device Manager at all. It was as if network controller didn’t exist.

      • Tekayy

        I have the same problem, i can not even find the driver. Have you found a solution?

        • Adeel Ejaz

          Have you actually bothered to read the post? It has more THREE solutions! The comments are littered with people telling how they fixed it!

  • myxxxX

    thanks a lot! removing and placing the battery fixed it!



  • Hoe.Kimzi

    i tried everything but nothing worked except one thing…i installed the driver manually and used the driver from the OS(win7)…5days without ethernet so i was so happy when it worked :D
    the way i did it is this:
    1.downloaded driver from MB manufacturer
    2.Read a readme file on how to install manually and read what correct driver to install
    3.tried to find the driver from the files i DL from the manuf.but didn’t fint it.
    4.looked at the default drivers windows has(manufacturer realtek)(win7 has also realtek semicondctur listed but mine was only realtek)
    5.get a warning that i shouldn’t install because it may not work etc etc.but i install anyway and the driver installs and suddenly my ethernet works again :)

    this was done after a fresh install of win7 and mb drivers and vga drivers installed

  • Andres Afanador

    Hi, Adeel Ejaz i have a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 i remove the ram remove my gpu remove the board battery i follow al the steps but i don have any networks adapters, can you help me?

  • Andres Afanador

    if i Format my hard drive can fix this?

    • Adeel Ejaz

      It looks like your problem is something else. I don’t think formatting will fix it. Have you tried leaving your computer unplugged for a few hours?

  • Michael Corey

    I can confirm that this works!! I spent hours wondering why my network controller just “disappeared” from device manager until I stumbled a cross this post. I had actually just updated my realtec LAN driver to a beta version from my mobo’s website (Asrock faitality z68 professional gen3 mobo) and thought that was the problem but after downgrading the driver still no dice. After several hours of searching, like I said I stumble a cross this post and it was my exact problem (was even getting deep sleep error when the driver installation tried to detect the controller) I did have to leave my ram out for a bit longer (about 10 min) and I also took out the motherboard battery and unplugged the PC and pressed the power button a few times to discharge any extra current. I new my mobo reset because during post I had to reset system time and date but as soon as I logged into windows I had my connection back!! I immediately set the controller to not be shut off so hopefully it won’t happen again. Thanks for the extremely helpful post and also the helpful comments!!

  • Mads

    Taking out the RAM and worked perfectly!

  • Chris

    Hey so I did all your tips. It was great. The issue is I only get a temporary solution. So sometimes when I put my computer to sleep or shut it down and turn it back on this deep sleep issue tends to still be there. I did uncheck the allow the computer to turn off the device in device manager. I hope somebody can help. I always have to turn off the computer. Take out my laptop battery and then let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then put the battery back in and start the computer up again to have the driver appear again. I hope somebody can help me =]

  • Barisicin

    Taking out the battery solved the problem on Gigabyte M1405

    Thanks to all %%-

  • Symm

    I removed my ram chips and leave them out for about 10 minutes and then put them back in and when i tried to start the computer, The computer wont boot , no beeps its just black screen. The ram chips are placed properly, I tried removing it and then putting it back in but nothing happens. I dont know what is the problem. Please Help!!.

  • EnUfor

    What I did was similar to those above since I have a laptop and messing with RAM and my mobo wasn’t really ideal.
    1 – Install the driver
    2 – Shutdown my computer
    3 – Take out the battery for ~20 minutes
    4 – Press the power button a few times
    5 – Put the battery back in along with the ethernet cable
    6 – Boot up

  • Flamchops

    WOW! Thanks! For once something actually works! My LAN card wasn’t working so I reformatted my entire computer and it still wasn’t working. So then I read this website and I just turned the power off and booted up without the RAM, pressed the power button a few times as it wasn’t able to boot up without any RAM. Than I just flipped the switch back to off because it kept trying to reboot, Put the RAM back in and it found the LAN connection! Oh well I always have that extra LAN card for back up but I also turned off the sleep mode so maybe this won’t happen again.

  • Promit

    Hi Adeel Ejaz

    I did what you had written , i tried all possible methods, unplugged all cables from mother(M4A89TD PRO USB3) and kept that way for 24 hours , but the result was same , Windows(7) could not find the Network Adapter…I got frustrated and got a new Ethernet card(Dlink 520TX) and worked like a charm…I guess u were extremely lucky to get back your adapter .. :)
    Anyways thanks …..

    • Adeel Ejaz

      I’ve had a quite a few people post that they got it fixed by removing RAM for a few minutes. But again, each problem, although has the same error message, has it’s own reason. I’m pretty sure its a faulty driver issue that has been fixed with new versions, well in my case at least :)

      • Promit

        So are sure its not a hardware issue,I think my onboard network adapter got cooked..and Can it be fixed by an updated driver from realtek…If so i will surely give a try once again to wakeup my onboard adapter.

        Thanks for reply.

  • idzik

    I do everything,take out,ram,graphic card.MB battery,reinstall windows,update BIOS,reset MB by reset button,clear CMOS and it still not working. I try to instal OSx on PC and when I launch Windows my network card disappear. My MB is AsRock PRO3 P67 with Realtek 8111E. please help D:

    • Promit

      The best possible way is to get a new PCI Ethernet card(dlink) and get your network adapter back. I guess Realtek won’t get up from deep sleep, :P

      • idzik

        now i have connect by wifi edimax ED16160,i leave computer without ram(RAM and Graphic Card) for 30h,and nothing happend. I’ve got current warranty for MB. Is any way to wake my realtek?

        • Promit

          If you have warranty on your MB you can go to there service center and get it repaired. It wont wakeup .. either u buy a new ethernet card or get it repaired.

  • mohd sameer

    thanks Mr.adeelejaz i used external hard disk at start-up and the network care got was not working

  • Tom S.

    Man, you just have saved me! Removing RAM and Battery really worked and I hardly can believe it. Well done!

    Many THANKS!


  • Tom S.

    Additional Comment: After fixing the problem, I was wondering why all Security Certificates in the Browser have been outdated. No wonder, when System Time is resetted to 1.1.2007 after Battery removal…

  • Permin ‘t Hooft

    Hi everyone,

    My motherboard Gigabyte EG45M-UD2H
    Once i inserted a geForce video card guite good on 7,5 overal stats windows statics.
    The lan adapter dissapeared from the network, i have tried removeing battery and rams and power pressing while all electricityy was gone but it still didnt appear on the screen again, maybe some1 has solutions? Im not sure if i have an network card, but i think this would be the best solution although i wont like it please help me

  • windows 8

    Hello there, You have done a great job. I will certainly digg it and for my part recommend to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this website.

  • Brittany


    I have tried everything on these post’s except taking the grafic card out.
    Its not my computer its my boyfriends, Its an Acer Aspire 1430G has 1TB
    win7 64 bit, i have taken the ram out and turned the CPU off an unplugged it for about and hour. I plugged it all back in and nothing it still doesn’t show the network adapter at all. When i go in devic manager i have to look at all the hidden devices to even see it but the LAN is not there. And when i try to manually install a new driver it says The RealTek Network Adapter/Controller was not found.
    If Deep Sleep Mode enabled Please Plug the Cable. I have tried all i know but if there is anything someone could think of i would apprecaite the advice.


    • Promit

      Well exactly same thing happened to me , I removed all my components including graphic card , ram etc… left it alone for a day , still there was no sign of network adapter , it all on your LUCK….
      I would rather recommend you to go for a new PCI Ethernet card or a wifi adapter , whichever you feel comfortable..