How to sync your iPhone to multiple computers using iTunes 10

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I tried Google for solution and found a solution that made you copy an ID across but that didn’t work for me on iTunes 10. So I started messing about and came up with my own solution:

  1. Create a backup of your whole iTunes on your second computer (the one which needs to be synced with iTunes).
  2. Make sure iTunes is closed on both computers. Start by copying the whole iTunes folder from the first computer and pasting it in the second computer replacing any files and folders (if you have music in second computer, don’t worry, you can re-run iTunes lookup to get them back in).
  3. Open iTunes on the second computer and plug-in your iPhone. (all your settings would have been copied over with the songs. Re-run the lookup if you have songs missing).
  4. Sync away…. you can right-click on the iPhone and click “Transfer purchases” to authorize the second computer. (Please note you can only authorize 5 computers.)

I still don’t understand why Apple can’t do this themselves!!

  • thet

    i would like to know how can i do from my old pc to mac since files are not same type??

  • Jamie Hudson

    when trying to copy the files over it says that ituneshelper.dll is in use and can’t copy and replace. it does this on a few files like that.

    • Adeel Ejaz

      That file is in Program Files, make sure iTunes is closed before copying.

  • John

    This works for me. Thank you very much.

  • DJ Master T

    This worked for me. After trying and trying with the HEX editing….this simple way worked between a Windows 7 and Mac Lion…..perfect!!!!

  • Blake Duerden

    Why can’t they have some kind of authorisation button linked to your account that lets you choose which computers you authorise?

    I hate that I can’t sync my phone and change things when I’m at work. I download apps to show clients and songs but can’t simply plug in and reorganise on a machine that’s not my home one.

    Plain nuts!

  • rockstar1000

    Oh my god! You are a fucking GENIUS man!
    I was almost giving up, and then I found your post. So simple, so easy I’m truly mad at myself. I was also trying to do the HEX thing and it just wouldn’t work. I could easily transfer my library from Windows 7 to Mac Lion, and it was a BREEZE! I must say that I never write comments on any site but I just had to let you know that you saved my life :)

  • Manson

    I work for me and many thanks
    but it only sync music and appls
    any idea how to sync photo as well?

  • Nedo

    You are a genious! Worked like a charm. I triend the HEX method before but it didnt work for me. This worked perfectly with an Win 7 and a Mountain Lion system.

    Thanks again and ALL HAIL THE KING!

  • Dave West

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