The Best VPN Service Available?

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UPDATE: I emailed iVPN asking about their logging policy, specially as “EU has mandatory data requirements”. This is the reply I got:

The EU ‘Data Retention Directive’ applies to ‘publicly available electronic communications services’ of which IVPN is not and therefore we do not have to comply with this directive. We monitor the data retention laws carefully and if we are ever compelled to record data about our customers we will move jurisdictions immediately to both protect our business and customers.

I had been looking for a good VPN service for quite some time but one thing I learnt early on was that I had to get a paid service. There are a few free ones that work pretty well but I needed something that would give me a decent download speed. My goal was to run all my internet traffic through it so I just couldn’t sit there wait for YouTube to load whenever I wanted to listen to a good tune or watch a video review.

I tried a few paid services, usually trying out the trial first, but I also tried a couple of paid ones by paying for a monthly subscription. The best one I’ve used to date is iVPN.

My main reason for trying out iVPN was because of their ‘no logging’ policy. The whole idea of using a VPN is to not be tracked by your ISP like a big brother. I like my privacy a lot. However, it kind of defies the purpose when your VPN tracks your every move. The signup process was pretty straightforward and I had my account setup within a few minutes.

What I found “after” signing up was that iVPN provides full access to all VPN servers on the Network, with Unlimited Bandwidth! My first gut feeling was, bummer, the speeds will suck but I was left with my mouth hung open when I saw download speeds in excess of 15mbps! iVPN provides OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec Protocols to choose from. I tried both and prefer L2TP/IPSec more. However, what I find amazing about it was that both the standards are readily available for use, without having to pay anything extra.

As I spent more time with iVPN, I found multihop technology! Basically, that means I can connect to the US server and then connect to the UK server before going out in the wild. This is uber cool! Bundle that with live support and cancel anytime policy, and this becomes a must-have package. I highly recommend iVPN service!

  • Anonymous VPN

    The problem with iVPN is that they are located in the EU. The EU has mandatory data logging requirements. This means that your traffic has to be logged by law. If iVPN doesn’t log, they are engaging in a criminal act and will go to jail.

    • Adeel Ejaz

      Thank you for your comment.

      The EU “Data Retention Directive” applies to “publicly available electronic communications services”, which iVPN is not and therefore, they do not have to comply with this directive.

      I’ve been assured that iVPN monitor the data retention laws carefully and if they are ever compelled to record data about about customers they will move jurisdictions immediately to both protect their business and customers :)

  • Matthew Morek

    I think if you’re looking for security and t retain your privacy intact within EU, it’s good to use services which don’t log any of your activity beyond the origin IP and your data usage stats (how much traffic do you consume, etc).

    If you’re that kind of person, I suggest you check this out: Apparently, they have the fastest network around, but privacy is at their core.Netflix is not so boring anymore! :)